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The Ultimate Customizable Aluminum Framing Gaming Mouse
Award-winning gaming mouse for professional gamers with customizable aluminum frame and weight adjustment. You can choose different palm rests and weights to suit your gaming style.

When Precision Met Speed


State of the Art ADNS-9800 Laser Sensor
State of the Art ADNS-9800 Laser Sensor
8200 DPI: Pinpoint control, no upper cap on your abilities. Configure up to four different DPI levels and fine-tune your precision and speed.
32-bit ARM Processor
32-bit ARM Processor
700M has a little computer onboard and can do sophisticated computing fast and directly by itself- without relying on the gamer’s computer and without the need for software drivers.
1000HZ Polling Rate / 1MS RESPONSE TIME
1000HZ Polling Rate /
125Hz – 1000Hz USB rate fine-tuning


Seriously Durable


An aluminum structure serves as the skeleton of the COUGAR 700M, providing it with a unique
combination of lightweight structure and metal durability that sets it apart from ordinary mice.
COUGAR 700M - Seriously Durable
1. Aluminum Framing Structure
   Components are built on a folded aluminum chassis to provide lighter (only 110g min.), more rigid and robust manipulative feelings
2. OMRON Switches
    5 Million Clicks Guaranteed
3. Golden-plated USB Connector and
    Braided Cable
    Optimal Durability and Connectivity
8 Fully Configurable Buttons (including Fire and 45° Sniper)
The COUGAR 700M’s 8 fully configurable buttons allow the user, with the three on-board profiles, to access up to 27 functions with a single hand.
The 45° Sniper Button allows the user to access a high accuracy mode without affecting the mouse’s position,
thanks to its inclination. The Fire button puts an extra function in the point which minimizes the space traveled by the index finger.
Both of them maximize the efficiency of the user in terms of functions accessed/time spent.
COUGAR 700M - 8 Fully Configurable Buttons (including Fire and 45° Sniper)
  1. DPI Adjustment 
  2. Mouse Wheel 
  3. Right Switch 
  4. Left Switch 
  5. Fire ButtonThe unique combination of the COUGAR 700M’s Fire Button and its 45° Sniper Button optimize the user’s performance during gameplay. 
  6. 45° Sniper ButtonThe COUGAR 700M’s Sniper Button’s 45° Inclination allows the user to press it without moving the mouse. In other mice, the kinetic energy from pressing the button alters the mouse’s original position.
  7. Forward Switch 
  8. Backward Switch
COUGAR UIX™ Device Management System
+ Internal Memory
Configure a myriad functions intuitively and bring them with you.
Set the functionality of all the buttons, assign pictures to profiles for graphical recognition, store macros and share them, all with a very convenient and intuitive interface. The 700M´s internal memory will then allow to bring up to 3 full configuration profiles anywhere you go.
COUGAR 700M - COUGAR UIX™ Device Management System + Internal Memory
Ultimate Toolless Adaptability
Patented Palm Rest Height Adjustment
700M’s unique patented design allows the user to adjust the palm rest height to better adapt the mouse to any grip style.
COUGAR 700M - Palm Rest High/ Low Adjustment (Tool-less)
Weight adjustment
Adapt the mouse’s weight to your preferences and gaming style: by modifying the number of weights inserted in a special compartment, 700M will weight as much as you want it to.
Palm Rest Switch
Choose between two different palm rests with different shape and size to suit your gaming style.
                                   Sport Mode                                                            Standard Mode


Product nameCOUGAR 700M gaming mouse
Resolution8200 DPI
Processor32-bit ARM Cortex-M0
Polling rate1000Hz / 1ms
On-board memory512KB
MaterialAluminum / Plastic
SoftwareCOUGAR UIX™ System
Programmable buttons8
SwitchingOMRON gaming switch
Profile LED backlight16.8 million colors
Frame rate12000 FPS
Maximum tracking speed150 IPS
Maximum acceleration30G
InterfaceGolden-plated USB plug
Cable Length1.8m Braided
Dimension127(L) x 83(W) x 38(H) mm5.00(L) X 3.27(W) X 1.50(H) Inch
Weight adjusting4pcs x 4.5g (0.01 lb)
Weight110g (0.24lb)

System Requirements

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10


COUGAR 700M - Dimension