Firewire CableIEE1394a 9P 4P

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CABFIR1394A9P4P 5055383456949


FireWire 800 (1394B) 9-pin to FireWire 400 (1394A) 4-pin Cable - 3mCable Length: 3mCable Colour: BlackConnector 1: FireWire 800 9-pin MaleConnector 2: FireWire 400 4-pin Male

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FireWire 400 1394A 4P-4P M/M: 2m5m
FireWire 400 1394A 6P-4P M/M: 5m
FireWire 400 1394A 6P-6P M/M: 5m
FireWire 800 to 1394A 9P-4P M/M: 2m3m5m
FireWire 800 to 1394A 9P-6P M/M: 2m5m
FireWire 800 9P-9P M/M: 2m3m

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