Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse U5K-00009

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Scroll vertically AND horizontally with ease, using four-way touch scrolling

Navigate your PC in a whole new way with touch scrolling. Created for Windows 7, it is great for experiencing Windows 8. The sleek Explorer Touch Mouse is the newest addition to the Microsoft touch family. Featuring a low-profile design, Explorer Touch Mouse speeds up everyday tasks with a touch strip optimized for quick vertical and horizontal scrolling. Touch scrolling is more natural and intuitive than a scroll wheel, allowing you to navigate with speed and control.


Speed through long documents and spreadsheets

Explorer Touch Mouse is optimized for high-speed scrolling through long documents, spreadsheets and Web pages. You can breeze past what you don’t need with the flick of a finger, and stop with a gentle tap.


The latest technology

Explorer Touch mouse has not only sleek looks, but also has the features you can rave about. It features three scroll speeds that use haptic feedback (light vibration that signals scrolling speed), giving you more control. Explorer Touch Mouse also has a battery life of up to 18 months and comes with BlueTrack Technology. Use it as you want to, with five customizable buttons and customizable right- or left-handed use.

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