Thor B8F 8 Port Power Surge

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Smart Filter 8 with its Unique Dual Bank Isolation Cascade™ circuitry provides maximum value protection for all your electronic equipment. 32 separate and discrete components working in both series and parallel provide a failsafe barrier against all categories of spikes and surges, so common with today’s power grids.



- Cascade Filter Technology for crisper brighter picture & crystal clear sound

- Two isolated surge protected banks with extra spacing for large adaptors

- Bank 1 = 4 outlet Bank 2 = 4 outlets

- 8 Outlets -all in the one compact board

- Data & Aerial Protection With Cable TV connection

- Fibre Optic And Broadband Compatible

- Multiple Application Identity Tags

- 6 Year Free Replacement Warranty

- Designed and Engineered in Australia

- 100% Australian Owned And Compliant