Thor D145B Power Filter

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The Smart Filter is specifically designed to provide the highest level of power filtering and protection of any entry level protector available today. 18 seperate AC components plus 5 DC components create a powerful barrier against transient spikes and interferences caused by equipment like vacuum cleaners, airconditioners, fridges, pool motors and similar conveniences used that incorporate motors.



- Universal Entry Level Range. Ideal for home office, computer, home theatre, sewing machines, fridges, washing machines and so on.

- 7 Filtered & Surge protected outlets - The most outlets in its class.

- Internet Ready - Ultra Fast Protection for your communication line - RJ 45 connection.

- 6-year genuine replacement warranty - even if damaged by lightning.

- Unique identity tags for cables - no more guessing which plug to pull - pre-printed tags for every cable.

- Designed and Engineered in Australia


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