Ultimus RGB - Mechanical Blue Gaming Keyboard

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Stunningly Beautiful, Extremely Useful
You need quick access to all your skills, abilities and commands during the game, and to do so, you need to know where they are. Ultimus RGB helps you with that by allowing you to customize its backlight and assign different colors to different commands, and store up to 5 different modes to fulfill your needs in different games. When you don't need to use specific lighting patterns, you can simply enjoy any of the 14 impressive RGB effects we prepared for you.
Rock-Solid Metal Structure
When you invest in a piece of gaming gear, you want it to be sturdy, durable and stable. Ultimus RGB delivers in all three areas with its metal frame and internal plate. Strong like no other, it stays in its place even when you subject it to powerful keystrokes in the heat of battle. It doesn't matter how bad things get; Ultimus RGB will stay put, ready to serve you.
RGB Backlight
Do you want to highlight attack and defense spells' keys in different colors? Do you want to visually distinguish the keys assigned to short range weapons and those for grenades and other explosives? Ultimus RGB allows you to do that and much more! Customize the color of each key directly from the keyboard and make it your perfect companion! And, for those looking for attractive visuals, the predefined visual effects will put an amazing performance every time you want!
Mechanical Switches
Has a stuck key, or a keystroke that didn't register, ever cost you a match? With Ultimus RGB that's a thing of the past. Equipped with mechanical switches, this keyboard offers both total reliability and a clear tactile feedback that lets you know when your input has been registered.
No Limits with NKRO
Most other keyboards set limits on how many keys you can press simultaneously. Ultimus RGB features N-Key rollover technology, which will allow you to press any number of keys and always get perfectly accurate feedback.
Driver Free: Start Gaming!
Open the box. Plug the USB connector to the computer. Start gaming. No installations or downloads, only gaming!
Braided Cable
A durable and visually attractive solution.
Media and Function Shortcuts
Control media volume and playback as well as other handy functions with easy FN F-Key combinations.
Windows Key Lock
Avoid kicking yourself out of games by locking the Windows key in-game with an easy shortcut.
1000Hz Polling Rate
COUGAR ULTIMUS RGB's 1000 Hz Polling Rate brings you a 1ms Response Rate.