Know which gaming computer or console was made for you

Understand why gaming computers and consoles are so important and which one suits your needs

The most critical choice any serious video gamer will ever make, is the one surrounding the desktop gaming console and computer, because what’s under the hood is what makes the game good. The calibre of gaming computers in Australia is right up there with the best in the world. It’s all about providing superior machines to a group of individuals who, not only challenge one another from the four corners of the globe, but also seriously challenge the capacity of computers. Known to demand superior digital cards and faster processors, hardened gamers will take all of this and still overclock a gaming system, on a slow day. The demand is there, so the supplier and manufacturers have to be more than up to the task.

Every player wants the best. There really is very little, if anything, that beats the adrenaline-fueled experience of playing games on a high-definition system that is wired with legendary hardware to produce exceptional graphics and sound that can get a gamer lost in virtual reality. This is why only the best will do.

Gaming Packages

Available in the  Gaming Packages.  The hardware comes in the form of desktop computer towers, which need to be hooked up to a decent gaming desktop screen – available separately – to get the full experience. Created for the hardened gamer who expects nothing less than peak performance at the drop of the hat. With an i7-6800K processor and a Geforce GTX 1080 Graphics Card, this computer allows for some serious game playing and graphics opportunities.

With a 1100 Watt Gold 80 power supply and Geforce graphics that can easily accommodate several screens, 8 USB ports and a Blu-Ray Burner, you really cannot go wrong. This machine is a combination of top-of-the-range storage, graphics and Intel Extreme processor technology that blows pretty much a wide range of other editions, out of the water. Look to Arrow for the ideal gaming PC in Australia.

Microsoft Xbox One

A legend in its own right, the Xbox One – as any parent this side of the hemisphere will tell you – is considered a great gaming console in Australia for kids, however, moms and dads can’t get enough of it either.

More powerful than the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox One initially suffered a blow to its ego when the console was first released because many gamers felt it just did not deliver. However, the new and improved version has seen Xbox take the market by storm. The multimedia features really are the draw-card for this console, however, its 500GB drive fills up quickly so you will need an external HD to support the many games you want to play on it.

An all-in-one media gaming console that allows you to not only play some of the best games on the market, but also provides access to Skype, it can also record your favourite television programs. ‘Picture-in-picture multitasking’ allows you to watch movies and play games at the same time.

The media options are endless with the Xbox One gaming console. You do require an internet connection when you first boot your system but after that you can play offline. The Kinect was an essential part of the Xbox 360 but with the improved Xbox One, the Kinect camera is now an optional extra, as opposed to a must-have item.

Sony PlayStation 4

The best gaming console in the world right now, all serious PS4 players using the PlayStation Plus services are awarded three free PS4 games per month. They’re more than happy to give these a thrashing on the PlayStation 4 console.

A big jump from the PS3 days, the PS4 has upped the ante with 2.75GHz, making it the Formula 1 champion in gaming, with lightning speed, 8-core AMD x86 drive and an AMD Radeon graphics processor that blows the PS3 visuals out of the water. The graphics are cleaner, making the PS4 a visual dream, and the games take on a slightly more virtual angle with the vibrating consoles.

All the gaming consoles and computers of today are perpetually outdoing one another, so while the developers can truly see the differences between the systems, the rest of us are test drivers with a lot of opinions on the sound, visuals and quality of the games, while having a ton of fun with the library of games out there.

Fight your way through a battlefield or terror with ‘Call of Duty’, drive the newest and fastest limited edition sports cars in ‘Grand Theft Auto’ or become the NBA superstar you always wanted to be with the newest NBA 2K15.

Resolute gamers looking for gaming computers in Perth, New York and Taiwan are met with the same desktop hardware across the world. This industry has a massive global following that demands excellence, so if you’re on the lookout for a console or computer that meets your growing needs, chat to the gaming shop experts.