What are Computer Processors? (CPUs)

Computer Processors

The processor, also referred to as the CPU is the brain of your computer. It controls everything your computer does. Your computer does a lot of things, usually at the same time, i.e. browse the Internet, send an e-mail, download music, and work on a document / spreadsheet and run security software. So, having the right processor is vital for multi–tasking.

Different processors are better suited for certain purposes. For example, a serious gamer would be better off with a different CPU from someone who mostly surfs the Web.

Remember, upgrading your computer to higher level CPU at a later date is not a do-it-yourself project and generally not even a viable option. This applies in particular to a notebook.

Look for the Intel badge to make sure you are getting the best processor for your budget and one that best suits your requirements. When considering the purchase of a new PC or notebook, buying a little above your current needs (or perceived needs) may pay off in the longer term.

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