What is a dedicated graphics card? Do I need graphics?

What type of Graphics will best suit me?

All computers require a graphics component to view images. There are two types of graphics

  • Integrated graphics (or on-board graphics) offers performance required for everyday tasks such watching a High Definition online video, view photos or work on a presentation. Integrated graphics are now standard in all Intel core i3 and core i5 processors to improve graphics performance and laptop battery life.
  • Discrete graphics (or dedicated graphics) comes in the form of an additional card. It is ideal for high-end gamers and professional designers and video editors, but doesn’t add much performance for everyday users.

It is important to consider the right balance between the computer’s processor, its graphics requirements and your needs.

If the PC or laptop you are planning to buy comes with high-end discrete graphics coupled with a low-end processor, you are not going to see any visual advantage. Only computers with the most powerful processor can make full use of the discrete graphics option. (This is referred to as a bottle neck in the system.)