What Size Hard Drive Will I Need? (Gigabytes? Terabytes?)

What size Hard Disk Drive will I need?

Think of your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) as your computer’s long term memory. This is the memory device where the computer’s operating system Windows XP or Windows 7 is stored, as well as all the software for programs you use on a daily basis for your documents, photos, music, videos, games, web browsing, security/protection etc.The hard drive also acts as a filing cabinet for your documents, photos, music, videos and so on. The size or capacity of a hard drive is measured in Gigabytes (GB). Laptop computers are fitted with HDDs ranging from 250 GB to 1TB (1000 GB) depending on the Laptop make and model.

If more capacity is required at a later stage, a cost efficient solution is to purchase an external USB hard drive. This drive can also be used to backup your files. A PC however can be fitted with a HDD at construction that meets your ultimate needs.