Astone HDMICable with Red Led

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CABHDMIRED 606015152149

Product Description

Astone High Performance HDMI Cable

Ultimate High-Speed Digital Video and Audio Cable for the Sharpest Picture. Deepest Color and Highest Resolution Sound.

Astone HDMI cables aims to support the Highest level of High Definition.

This Astone HDMI cable ensures a high-definition experience with the maximum audio and visual impact. Movies are just like the director intended, and sports and live shows are just like you're there. With a bandwith of greater than 17.8 Gbps, no high-definition viewing is too demanding for the cable which supports Blu-Ray Disc players. HD DVD players and PlayStation 4 consoles. This cable is your connection to the bext in HD picture and sound-now and in the future.

Astone Advanced for HDMI Performance Guarantees

Astone designs its advanced cables for HDMI to meet and exceed the highest of HDMI standards.

Your Astone cable for HDMI is covered by the Astone's Limited Lifetime warranty.

Astone Advanced for HDMI Performance Capabilities

8- to 16-Bit color

Smoothest Gradation of colors. Greater cable capacity for support of 16-bit color, available from advanced HD sources and displays. Greater color depth, from 8-bit to 16-bit, allows more details gradations of individual colors for the display of billions of colors.

240-to 480-Hz Display

Faster Speed for Smooth Motion Video. Ideal for HD components with refresh rates up to 480 Hz yet compatible with slower refresh rates for the smoothest, most fluid video.

Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD

Lossles Surround Sound. Greater cable bandwith for support of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD lossless surround sound, available on Blu-Ray Disc and HD DVD movies.

4K x 2K Resolution

Highest Definition Video. Enables home theater owners with advanced AV sources and displays to achieve the same high-resolution picture definition as that of commercial digital cinemas.

Astone 3D

Ready for 3D Displays. Newer 3D movies and games supply two video streams each at 1080P Full HD. With this doubling in bandwith, this cables is ready to handle it all with capacity to spare.

Support for HDMI Ethernet Channel

Networked Gear, Fewer Cables. This all in one HDMI cable can share your internet connection with multiple devices. No separate Ethernet cable is needed.

Support for Audio Return Channel

Better Sound, Fewer Cables. Transfer uncompressed surround sound from your HDTV with digital tuner to your AV receiver or surround-sound controllers. No extra audio cable needed.

HDMI is data superhighway for digital video and audio. For the best high-definition experience, use an HDMI cable that delivers all the picture and sound data your HD components require.

Astone Liftmaster connectors

Astone HDMI cable comes with built-in LED indicator that instantly flashes when HDMI signal coming from any connected source component is active. Once the source and display are in sync, the LED shines consistently, confirming the connection.