Surface 127W Power Supply

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Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output: 15V 8A / USB-A 5V 1.5A Max 127W
Connector:as picture
Color: Black
Power Cord: Included
Condition: Brand NewOEM ( Such as Honor, Delta, liteon, chicony, AOC Phlips, ADP)
Warranty: 1 Year and 30 Days Money Back

Tips for how to choose the right charger/adapter for your laptop:

  1. Please make sure the DC Output& Connector Size are matching your original Adapter before you buy.
  2. Output Voltage and polarity must match with your old adapter.
  3. Output Current is not as critical as output voltage, you could select either same or higher output current adapter.
  4. Press Ctrl+F and type your model to see whether it's in the list. If the previous three notes are the same as your adapter, you can be sure our adapter is compatible, even if your model is not listed. You can check with the Output Voltage and Output Current on the label of your original charger or the bottom/back of your laptop. As to the polarity (connector size) you can measure it or compare with ours.