USB 2.0 Fast Charging Cable Type A to Micro-USB B M/M White - 1m

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UC-2001AUB-FC 9341756003329

When you're always on the go and usually charge your phone or tablet with a laptop or PC in the office or an USB port in the car, have you noticed that charging this way takes a really long time? And it's almost impossible to actually increase your phone's battery power if you're using it as a GPS even while your phone is plugged in into your car's USB port; that's because your phone is using more power than the power your USB port can supply to your phone.

The UC-2001AUB-FC allows you to charge your mobile devices with a flip on a switch. The UC-2001AUB-FC doesn't only charge, it protects your personal and private data stored on your devices by blocking data connection.The cable can prevent accidental data exchange when your device is plugged into a foreign charge source by blocking off the data communication between your source and USB ports, allowing only power charging to take place.

  • USB to Micro USB cable, Male to Male in 1m
  • Fast and Secure Charging Cable

  • Cable Length: 1m
  • Cable Colour: White
  • Connector 1: USB A Male
  • Connector 2: Micro-USB B Male
  • Charging Mode:
    • Mode 1: Support SDP mode 500mAH
    • Mode 2: Support DCP mode 2000mAH